Friday, October 22, 2010

UPS asks - How would you like to ship? Green!

If you use UPS to ship packages you may want to look into the carbon neutral shipping service to further your commitment to sustainability. This service is available when shipping to and from some countries. It is a very affordable way to ship green for small businesses. For example, I selected the Carbon Neutral option for a small package shipped from SF to NY and it was 5 cents for the service!

I am confident in this service as UPS has partnered with organizations to verify the carbon neutral shipping process. UPS handles calculations of what the environmental impact will be per package and UPS purchases credits to neutralize the shipment. The emissions savings are tied into other projects. This is too much work for a small business owner so I am happy that UPS offers the service for a small fee. If you are a green seller on eBay or another eCommerce site, tell your customers how you use carbon neutral shipping so they know you care about the environment.