Sunday, January 16, 2011

Green Goal number 2 for the year 2011

As a green eBay seller I am living green and trying to improve my lifestyle. Here is another goal on my list for 2011.

Goal 2: Practice healthy living habits.

This is really important to me. When I feel better I have more energy. I can be a better global citizen. I focus on getting my work done and enjoy my down time. For me healthy living habits include drinking lots of water everyday, exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, and reducing stress at work. I encourage you to seek out the habits that make you feel your best and practice them daily.
When the going gets tough I stick to the basics - drink water and eat healthy.

There is very little cost involved to try to live healthy as long as you make good choices. Some healthier food choices will be more expensive. For example the best diet includes organic products.
It is your choice but I feel I am voting with my dollar when I buy the best quality food from local and organic sources. There is no such thing as cheap food. I know when I was eating on the go and eating from a can I did not feel so hot. My health suffered from a bad diet. I am back on track now. To be a green business you have to sustain yourself including your own health. If you are an eBay seller you know it takes a lot of energy to run your business. There is always something to do - listing, taking photos, shipping, and finding products. You are the person in charge of so many jobs! So please take care of yourself. A healthier you makes happier people all around you and a healthier planet for all of us!


Kathy Keefe said...

Fantastic advice!