Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shipping a Nutcracker to Japan

Saving money on international shipping Is a benefit to the customer and the seller. Green shipping works well keeping the cost low.

First I rolled the nutcracker in a few recycled plastic bags Then I rolled it with recycled bubble wrap.

Then I rolled it in newspaper only because I like to include newspaper in all my international shipping,I feel that it keeps it interesting!

Next I inserted it into a recycled large brown paper shopping bag and rolled that up tight and secure and covered it all with shipping tape.

Items like this I only offer express mail shipping but when a potential buyer contacts me and asks me to ship first class I will review their eBay feedback and if I feel they are trustworthy I will offer them international first class and adjust the price at checkout!

International green shipping rocks keeping the price down which allows the item to sell for more money it's a win-win!