Sunday, September 26, 2010

Once Upon A Playtime Ships Green

 Thanks for helping to save the planet "Once Upon A Playtime" and sharing your green shipping tips with us!

I recycle all my boxes and packing materials, unless they're crushed or dirty, i.e., oil or dirt stained. I make sure anything I use recycled is clean inside.

Like one of the previous posts, any packing peanuts or bubble wrap that comes into my home gets recycled for my packaging. I don't like to use packing peanuts, because they don't disintegrate in the soil, but the green environmentally-friendly ones don't provide the same cushioning ability. So, I'm kind of at a loss about that. Luckily, I don't ship a lot of glass or really heavy items, so I can get away with tissue paper most of the time. I use ALOT of tissue paper.

I just recently began shredding my copy paper and using it as cushioning in the boxes. I use the free boxes and flat-rate envelopes from the Postal Service and I recycle those, too.

Another thing I do is to print out my copies of the PayPal receipts, packing slips and customer invoices on the reverse side of used copy paper, so I'm printing on both sides of the paper. My HP printer doesn't like it sometimes, though. A lot of printer jams happen with the copy paper I buy at Walmart, probably because it's thinner. The customer's invoice and packing slip I print on clean copies, of course. But for my copies, I use recycled sheets.