Saturday, November 27, 2010

Green Gift Tags from Recycled Greeting Cards

Here is a photo of some holiday gift tags I made from recycled greeting cards.
December is the time of year when I make a bunch of these tags. I save all of last years cards and put them away with the Christmas decorations.
Then while I am preparing for the holidays I sort through cards that can be cut up and made into tags. I look for light or white paper so it is easy to write names on them.

I sit down with these supplies:

1- Scissors- regular and scrapbook scissors with a fancy edge.
2- Scrapbook punches- standard hole punch, square, and/or circle.
3- Holiday ribbons - these can be scraps from last year too. I like colorful ribbons or rafia.
4- Double stick tape.

I cut out the tag shapes from the white parts, some on the fold and some without. Then I cut or punch out images from greeting cards. I use a small piece of double stick tape to paste the colorful images onto the top part of the tag leaving room below to write a name. Then I use the standard hole punch and thread some ribbon through. I like to keep these handy in a dish on the hutch throughout the giving season.
I hope you like this green idea for gift tags! You can use greeting cards from any season for this project. Happy Holidays!


Kathy Keefe said...

Yours are so pretty. I haven't done these in years, and never as pretty as yours are, but have lots of saved Christmas cards to work with! Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

Muhammad Atif said...

I made from recycled greeting cards.
Hank Hendricks
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